Top 10 Games Of 2022! The Ultimate Guide

Even the greatest minds of the 21st century such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, have recognised the importance of top 10 games of 2022. There are countless video games developers who believe in their own products. However, very few would have the audacity to take up a challenge that is not easily taken up. The gaming world is the territory of those who comprehend the art of video game creation. With such a section providing you with a platform for all kinds of game-developing advancements, never feel limited and find a game that suits you best.

Top 10 Games of 2022

It is no wonder that though we now have a plethora of video games, there are still many gamers who play the same ones. To add to the excitement from playing interesting and new types of game, here are some games that you would love this year:

Fortnite Battle Royale – $30 dollars for your own copy!

Another Battle Royale, another game that has been all the rage in 2018. So, if you came across this title on your latest go to trends and have been glued to it ever since then; you are a member of quite an elite group because there is no doubt about this, Fortnite was definitely one of the year’s most addictive games.

Top 10 Games of 2022: Fortnite Battle Royale

However anyone who plans on playing tomorrow despite already having played it yesterday would be planning their strategy rather carefully. Though this game may have fallen off somewhat, it still remains popular and one of the most played games to get in 2018.

Players who are not afraid to invest some money into their gaming experience can purchase a copy for as much as $30 dollars which is fairly reasonable when one considers that there are plenty of features such as extra skins, weapon upgrades etc involved with the option. Shooting at others from within your own squad is all part of the fun and options such as Party Up are worth the bucks to any player.

For those who prefer games that allow for massive team play this game is surely not a bad option at all. It provides quite an interesting experience, so much so that you can easily surpass every challenge in store. There are plenty of others out there but never doubt Fortnite when it comes to originality!

Destiny 2 Forsaken – $60 dollars!!

This game came out a year after Destiny 2, and in that time there was one welcome addition to the game. More players were allowed into the fold of “The Guardians”; and all new updates gave us more interesting quests with delightful twists at each turn.

Top 10 Games of 2022: Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny has always been known for different multiplayer modes such as raids which are quite difficult but very fun when approaching it; despite having no problems completing them many times over again! Soon enough though we were allowed into the open hunting for wild threats to challenge us with.

In Forsaken we were given team matching where everyone was matched up within their class and you will have different skins from what is in store when playing each day, which can definitely make things interesting if not frustrating. That may sound a little like auto-matching but it works pretty well once done correctly! (if not something as simple as that) The game has also recently been updated with story dropping quests so you can also get an interesting tale to follow as well. Playing in Forsaken/Destiny 2 is definitely a lot of fun and worth purchasing if you factor into the amount of hours which would certainly help keep it fresh!

Shadowverse: Duel Links – $6 dollars only!! (PC version)

Top 10 Games of 2022: Shadowverse: Duel Links

In this game, the objective remains pretty much simple; slay monsters for some worthwhile currency that can be used to buy packs and card alchemy stones or even purchasing the expensive cards themselves but if you are willing to grind that out, you can definitely get your hands on those high-tier rare cards. As with any digital game in this day and age Duel Links is not only a great value for money game; it has its own website where one can also receive extra copies of their favourite character to play as!

Rocket League – $20 dollars!! (PC Version )

Top 10 Games of 2022: Rocket League

The game is as pretty pocket-friendly and can be taken anywhere you’d like to go. With that being said, the map which allows players go up against others all over the world to take football matches down with them, has become incredibly popular since it’s release back in 2015! There are lots of ways you can win currency for worthy items by playing; however there are also plenty of ways to gain boosters such as driving into an opponents goal, you can also get your hands on those new rare and epic cars to see if they suit your trade or not!

Overwatch: Origins Edition – $40 dollars!! (PC Version)

Top 10 Games of 2022: Overwatch Origins Edition

This game is so much fun. One could definitely describe the gameplay as an MMO based shooter but one has certainly got a lot of hours for this proverbial cash cow depending how often you find it ranking in the global diamond league matches. There are plenty of ways you can grind currency in Overwatch such as purchasing loot boxes from the game’s microtransactions or even earning free packs through playing matches but why not take out your Wallet; Beat ‘Em Up and push these virtual pixels around a board like an overpowered cartoony real life kaiser!!

Rise of Immortals – $30 dollars (PC Version)

Top 10 Games of 2022: Rise of Immortals

The longevity to this MMORPG aside, what takes it more than that is how beat up this game is! It’s a hundred bucks but it has all of the essentials; great graphics, seamless gameplay and a lot more – what else do you want? If the goods are good enough there aren’t many cheaper titles that can offer so much on a monthly basis than Rise of Immortals. The developer will allow people to play for free between 7pm – 12am every day which concerns me as I am sure they won’t be delighted when every player starts up their game at the same time and just camp one spot!

Death’s Gambit – $7 dollars

Top 10 Games of 2022: Death Gambit

I have never heard of this title other than watching a few trailers on YT so instead it will be named after its current owner – Charles. It is literally your fighter against all sorts of baddies before taking them out in glorious combat!! You can join forces with friends to take down loads but make sure you turn off that “Auto-Battle”. The game can be really strategic as you pick up racial skills and use them to your advantage. You know a mobile game was well done when it is even being played on the go!

DreamBreak – $3 dollars

Top 10 Games of 2022: DreamBreak

A mixture of games such as Overcooked, Ikaruga and Super Hexagon this title will definitely get some placement here!! Clear levels by making impeccable matches with dynamic movement whilst collecting at least 2 rings and escape from the cup! You can even go back at a later date to play with others in your Facebook Group.

Answered Prayers – $0 dollars

Top 10 Games of 2022: Answered Prayers

This one isn’t so much about getting through all the levels but achieving scores for specific achievements like 5,150 or 10 in under 1 minute! How insane is that? Pick up dozens upon dozens of bonuses by collecting gems as you carry out complicated tasks such as activating teleporters and destroying castles. You will definitely enjoy the visual style too!

Kingdom – $0 dollars

Top 10 Games of 2022: Kingdom

Kingdom is back!!! In this title you need to fend of raiders by smashing down their prison gates or dismantling opposing castle towers in order to provide yourself with a safe haven. This game may look retro but it has had updates done since launch so hopefully they are really good now!! The strong point here is there isn’t any timers or restrictions meaning you can play as much as you like at any time. Streaking down the snowy mountains with a cannon full of arrows on your back is pretty good?

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