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The new Saints Row has abandoned its shark-jumping foolishness and smutty tendencies in favor of a return to its open-world gangland roots. The sex toys have also been carefully stored back in the sock drawer. With no pixelated modesty censor large enough to cover its junk, this reboot’s design and technical shortcomings have been made obvious. However, this return to the basics has resulted in a rather primitive form of crime spree.

While pursuing trinkets and spreading mayhem might be entertaining, the new Saints Row’s outmoded gameplay and monotonous mission design left me longing for an experience that would actually shock me, like a 40-inch dildo slapping me in the face.

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t entertained for long stretches of time, and while the rags-to-riches tale of the new Saints gang in the desolate city of Santo Ileso is anything but original, it does at least enable a few B-grade action scenes that do an admirable impersonation of Uncharted, with a car-hopping convoy chase and an explosive train robbery among the more spectacular high points along the way to the campaign’s somewhat In contrast, between these peaks.

There is a never-ending cycle of wave-based shootouts versus a few competing gangs that are all uniformly bullet-spongy and largely interchangeable. Only the garish, neon-drenched Idols, who seem to be getting impatiently restless while waiting for Ubisoft to reveal a new Watch Dogs, really stand out.

In the absence of a reliable cover system, fighting is primarily centered around circle-strafing and occasionally pulling off execution moves to restore health mid-battle. Although it doesn’t quite provide a pulsating ballet of ballistics to equal Doom Eternal, it is a well-organized design that enables you to recuperate from damage without having to hunt for lost med kits or struggle with a consumables menu. Additionally, there is a system for recharging talents that enables you to assign unique powers to four hotkeys.

When my character reached full level, I had access to everything from flaming punches to the ability to shoot through walls, but I rarely felt the need to use them in favor of the more conventional skills like throwing grenades and activating temporary armor, which made for a mostly conventional brand of firefights.

It doesn’t exactly create a propulsive ballet of ballistics to rival Doom Eternal.

Saints Row 2022 large collection of land vehicles

Additionally, it takes a rather traditional approach to driving. The majority of my time in Santo Ileso was spent behind the wheel of a large collection of land vehicles, from motorbikes to monster trucks and everything in between, even though there are a few aircraft and boats to explore. With the exception of the magnificent hoverbike unlocked late in the story, the floaty and largely homogenised handling made it impossible for me to develop a preference for one vehicle over another. However, the ability to drift and sideswipe other vehicles at the touch of a button adds a welcome dose of Burnout-style gratification to chase sequences.

It also provides for some dramatic escapes because you can scramble onto the roof quickly and launch into a wingsuit glide (a move right out of Just Cause), however it seems like a mistake that you can’t do the same thing while riding a motorcycle.

Purple Reign

Three other founding members of the new Saints join your invented boss character, who calls himself a “walking murder party,” on various tasks and provides continually cringe-inducing dialogue in the cutscenes in between. They may also be called by name from your phone’s contacts to fight alongside you in the street, which is helpful later on when you’re attempting to drive other gangs off your territory and need to finish the repetitious battles a little quicker.

Saints Row 2022 intelligent pacifist Eli

The only one of these criminal partners who I took a shine to was the intelligent pacifist Eli. This is mainly because Eli’s side plot tasks required me to wear cardboard armor and exchange my assault weapon for a Nerf gun in a series of live-action role-playing skirmishes.

The actual combat experience in these scenes was fundamentally the same as every other shooting gallery scene, but it was amusing to watch the characters act out pretend executions and make gunshot noises with their mouths, or to encounter enemies who would adamantly deny that you shot them instead of collapsing and pretending to be dead. It gave a welcome change of pace from the more homicidal mayhem found elsewhere and reminded me of the sticks-and-stones combat in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Eli would have been better to accompany me on more missions, but you can’t pick who you end up with. You can fully alter your appearance by either creating it yourself or importing one of the expanding number of community creations thanks to Saints Row’s excellent character customization feature, which can be accessible at any moment via the in-game phone.

I basically bought the mariachi costume, installed the Three Amigos pelvic thrust salute emote, and retained them for the 30 hours I played because I’m a really simple man with simple preferences. But if you want to be imaginative, you can really let your imagination run wild, especially with all the different outfit options you can unlock, whether you want high-end design or maybe just a taco hat and tissue boxes on your feet.

The Saints’ HQ, an abandoned church that evolves and expands over the course of the journey and can be augmented with dozens of decorations found hidden throughout Santo Ileso, ranging from abstract art to hulking pieces of Americana like giant football helmets and cowboy boots, are all subject to the same robust cosmetic customization. It’s a good way to naturally display Saints Row’s artefacts and, at long last, provides an answer to the issue of what Animal Crossing would be like if its inhabitants were infinitely more murderous.

Repeat Business

gang's grip on Santo Ileso's streets

A growing number of illicit enterprises become available for purchase as you go through Saints Row’s tale and tighten your gang’s grip on Santo Ileso’s streets. By purchasing one of these companies and fulfilling the assignments connected to it, you can increase the Saints’ hourly income and gain access to a steadily growing sum of money that you can use to buy more gear. Although you don’t need to purchase all of the enterprises in order to finish Saints Row’s campaign, doing so is necessary in order to access the game’s final story quests. It’s unfortunate because so few of them are genuinely any decent.

In the recurring Insurance Fraud challenges that come packaged with the Shady Oaks Medical Center, it will undoubtedly be silly good fun to bounce your unfortunate anti-hero hundreds of feet in the air off a succession of exploding cars. Additionally, I thought that the Cutting Edge Fashion Designer’s method of seeking out and photographing particular materials all over the map was a really creative way to open up new customization options for your apparel.

The bulk of projects, however, are forgettable and unevenly distributed, with the amount of the lower-quality assignments appearing to be higher. Since there are only three missions available, the Eureka Bator, a gadget incubator where you may test hoverboards and rocket-propelled sticky bombs that cling onto adversaries and send them spiraling into the air like ruptured gas tanks, is a disappointingly brief blast. The Bright Future project seems like a truly hazardous waste of time when compared to those because it requires you to make 13 exhausting trips across the city in the same slow vehicle carrying toxic waste barrels before it is finished.

In the recurring Insurance Fraud challenges, it will always be silly good fun to launch your helpless anti-hero hundreds of feet into the air.

Additionally, finishing the setup for these illicit businesses is rarely as enjoyable as it would appear on paper. I believed that the struggle to raise the $1.6 million asking price would be worthwhile in order to have the chance to create a Cobra Kai-inspired karate school, but all I got in return was a few clumsy beat ’em up segments that played like the worst possible version of Yakuza street fights.

Then I was devastated to learn that you are not allowed to carry out the real robbery when you finally unlock the late-game heist tasks. Instead, you finish the setup phase by snapping pictures of the target facility’s security cameras and entrances. However, you are then made to wait in the car while the rest of your gang dons the ex-Presidents’ masks and enters the building to commit the crime. Although I was the designated getaway driver, it truly seemed like I was the one being robbed. It’s like Point Break without the actual point.

Does Saints Row 2022 have cheats?

Saints Row Reboot Cheats & Cheat Codes

There are no cheats or cheat codes in Saints Row 2022 Reboot. Surprisingly, the 2022 remake has no hacks, according to game makers Deep Silver Volition.

Players who have been playing Saints Row since the beginning will be shocked by this. In Saints Row 3, all you had to do was open your phone and enter a code to acquire all the firearms, respect, and free money that Americans are legally entitled to. Strangely enough, there are no cheats for the Saints Row reboot.

How many missions are in Saints Row 2022?

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