New Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay Comprehensive Review

The katanas have been sharpened, and the dragon hunt has begun! I’m Bartek, the main producer on Shadow Warrior 3, and our team at Flying Wild Hog is thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the game before it publishes on March 1st. Keep an eye on this site since it will be updated throughout the day with new videos that will take you deeper into the game. Oh, and at launch, Shadow Warrior 3 will be available on PlayStation Now.

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay

The first item we’d like to show you is a longer look at a new Shadow Warrior 3 mission called the Dragon’s Nest! Our hero and his chatty buddy are on the lookout for the dragon that was unintentionally brought into our dimension at the end of the previous game, as well as one of its eggs that can be used to slay it.

The Dragon’s Nest is a lovely, bright environment that has seen better days since the dragon took up residence there and destroyed the few bridges, buildings, and temples that have survived. It’s a good task to show off the new Gore Weapons players get through triggering finishers, as well as the ingenuity in battle and mobility that we think makes Shadow Warrior 3 fun.

Gunplay vs. Swordplay

The Shadow Warrior series has always emphasised that a melee weapon like our katana should not be viewed as a last resort when you’re out of ammo, but rather as a lethal option in the armoury that forces players to risk coming too close to demons in order to score devastating blows.

Shadow Warrior 3 Gunplay VS Swordplay

The new game improves on that mechanic in a number of ways, including the ability to level up your katana to learn new attacks and the creation of a link between how you kill an enemy and the resources obtained from each slain creature.

Striking a demon with the katana now yields ammo for your ranged weapons, while blasting them to bloody shards releases health, allowing you to heal and go in for more close-quarters battle. It’s a savagely entertaining cycle that we believe will have players alternating between swords and gunfire with each encounter.

Executions & Gore Weapons

Shadow Warrior 3 Gore Weapons

The advent of executions, or ‘finishers,’ at the end of hard-fought engagements has ratcheted up the intensity in the modern shooter scene. Players in Shadow Warrior 3 are rewarded with Gore Weapons, a feature that allows you to physically remove enemies from their implanted weapons of destruction and turn them against the horde for a limited time.

Almost every adversary in the game can be killed with a finisher in order to gain access to a Gore Weapon or perk, which players will learn to use at the right time in each situation.

Mandatory Grappling Hook

Shadow Warrior 3 Grappling Hook

So we know that every space marine and demon slayer these days has a grappling hook, and we’re not exactly breaking new ground here. However, we believe that Shadow Warrior 3 adds a new level of freedom to combat and traversal by letting players to use a few tactics to get out of a tight spot or clear some space in a battle arena.

The grappling hook will allow you to dart and swing about arenas, narrow the distance between yourself and a demonic target for a chest-caving kick, and latch to barrels in exactly the right area for an explosive finish. Players will learn the art of dancing around an arena in a creative display of force when combined with a bit fluid wall running and combat sliding.

Shadow Warrior 3 Flying Wild Hog

Shadow Warrior 3 was created by the Flying Wild Hog team as the next development in our series, allowing players more freedom in the midst of the total havoc they produce in combat. The dance between gripping the katana and unleashing fly with a shuriken launcher or railgun before executing an enemy and finishing the fight with pyrotechnics is a blast.

The action will be kept up even more than before, with wall running, swinging over chasms, and bringing down a 2,000-year-old bell tower on unsuspecting demons. Thank you for taking the time to check out all of the new features in Shadow Warrior 3. If you preorder Shadow Warrior 3 on PlayStation Store, you’ll get both of the previous games for free.

Now it’s time to go for that dragon!

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