Flick of Faith 2022 Board Game Review

Flick of Faith Dexterity games fit within the larger canon of tabletop games since, well, they’re tabletop games. They are, nevertheless, unusual fish in other ways. While most board games include chance and strategic skill (see our list of the greatest strategy board games), most dexterity games focus only on physical talent, making them a very different animal.

Flick of Faith Board Game

When it comes to dexterity games, combining physical skill with a smidgeon of strategy is a bit of a golden goose, but success stories are few and far between. The most popular is a vintage older game called Crockinole, which requires a costly hardwood board to play. In comparison, Flick of Faith is attempting to achieve the same thing for $35. (see it on Amazon).

Flick of Faith Board Game

What’s in the Box?

Before you open the package, take note of its dimensions and form. Flick of Faith, unlike practically every other game on the market, comes in a long, narrow box that won’t fit on a conventional shelf or stack with other games.

Flick of Faith Board Game: What's in the box?

When you lift the top, you’ll see why: inside is a large, rolled-up vinyl mat with four islands surrounded by clouds to use as a play area. You would think that this type of mat isn’t smooth and polished enough to allow the supplied wooden discs to move across, yet it does.

There are many hefty wooden temple cylinders in addition to your little flicking discs. A deck of cards, some stickers to embellish the discs, and a sheet of cardboard tokens round out the set. It’s all done in a well-executed semi-cartoon manner that goes with with the goofy notion of legendary deities flinging prophets over a map.

Rules and How it Plays

Flick of Faith is a really basic game that is ideal for families, friends, and easy play (see the best family board games). Your goal is to get your five prophet discs onto the four islands by flicking them around the map. If you can land it within a tiny city circle on an island, you can replace it with a permanent huge temple disc. At the end of each round, you receive one point for each island with at least one disc and three points for each island with a majority of discs.

Flick of Faith Board Game: Rules

Each round begins with a vote between two law cards, with the winner changing the rules for the round or the whole game. These range from the ridiculous to the strategic, such as having to flip two prophets at the same time, either stacked on top of one other or with different hands. King Ape, for example, adds a single disc to the map that you may move about with your own shots while nullifying score for each island it lands on.

Flick of Faith Board Game: Ra Cards

Players are also given a specific god power at the start of the game. You may choose the effect you want on these two-sided cards. You can choose between Ra, who replaces one of your prophet discs with a larger, beefier sphinx disc, and Anubis, who lets you re-shoot the first prophet that slides off the map each turn.

These abilities are unbalanced Dagda’s Hand of God ability, which allows you to hold a cardboard hand vertically on the map as a backstop, makes getting temples exceedingly easy and strong.

Flick of Faith Board Game: Board

Those temples are a significant component in Flick of Faith’s attempt to rise above the competitors. Because they’re too enormous and heavy to move with flicks from other discs, they’re simply scenery, like the pins on Crockinole. And once you have one, you may install it wherever on the island, which is a strategic option.

They can be used to shield islands from a leading player’s easy entrance shots, or to block or facilitate access to the temple space itself. Where you put them is determined by the current stage of the game as well as your opponents’ respective locations and abilities.

In other ways, Flick of Faith is similar to a variety of popular flicking games, such as Carrom. Getting your prophets where you want them is merely the first step, and mastering that is difficult enough. Once you develop confidence, you may do things like aiming for temples, knocking other players’ discs out of place, and taking advantage of whatever rules are in effect.

Flick of Faith Board Game: How to Play

Another thing it has in common with its counterparts is that it is frequently noisy and loud entertainment. There are several absurd laws to provide variation and interest to the game. Nobody knows what will happen when you take a shot: whether it will reach the target, creep half an inch, or fly over the mat, scattering discs in its wake. Up to a maximum of four participants, the tighter the board becomes and the noisier and better the game becomes.

Flick of Faith is frequently raunchy and boisterous entertainment.

Despite all of these positive elements, Flick of Faith suffers from the fundamental flaw of only having five shots every round. There’s no way to decide how to employ your prophets with four islands. The bulk of the time, you want one on each island, save the final to see if you can gain a majority.

Laws and special abilities muck with the system, but five bullets are simply too few to achieve anything strategically interesting with, especially when misses are a possibility. While temples are the most fascinating feature of the game, it’s difficult to hit the requisite shots, therefore there aren’t many of them.

Flick of Faith Board Game: Dimensions

Furthermore, while the game benefits from having more participants, having more players leads to one of them being a runaway leader. It can be enjoyable to band together to take them out, but the combination of few flicks each turn, imbalanced laws, and god abilities can make it extremely difficult for other players to do so, diminishing the game’s suspense. When a game comes down to the final few of shots on rare occasions, the tension and excitement may reach epic dimensions.

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While Flick of Faith tries to distinguish out from the pack by using scenery, it is held back by a combination of balancing flaws and a lack of strategy. It does, however, have a lot of diversity to keep you occupied, and most other flicking games are either too complicated or too expensive to add to your collection. It’s especially tempting for family activity because of the mix of value and accessibility.

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