Dying light 2 Quick Review

Over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been putting a bunch of time into Dying Light to tolling to just under 60 hours of playtime. And in this video, I want to give my entire in-depth review of the game covering as much as I possibly can in great detail and giving my opinions on it along with discussing. So, comparisons to the original Dying Light and how it differs also a quick disclaimer.

Dying Light 2


Dying Light 2: Gameplay

The gameplay is by far, the best part about the Dying Light series. There’s just something about slashing of zombies, and rag dolling them to the are looting over and over again. That’s so satisfying. And never really get sold to me for the very fun for core elements that allow you to look at most structures in the game and say to yourself. I can climb that if you’ve played the first Dying Light then coming over to the second one.

You should feel right at home because for the most part and feels the same, you can explore the environment with the means of parkour and loop dead enemies and lockpick boxes for different weapons and other consumables, the gameplay Loop. A whole lot different aside from a few things, but you moved it into what it also does exactly what a sequel should do and expands on it.

The first game, you had multiple safe houses that you had to repair and restore around the map. In order to use them, you had parkour challenge has contaminated zones where you could form the gru containers, for good weapons, and you can pick up those resource packs for Survivor XP and dilate to.

Dying Light 2: Map

You still have those safe houses scattered around the map you can activate, but it also kind of just overwhelms you aside activities to the point where I was getting very distracted just running around the map doing side activities. Instead of the main quest line. Line from radio towers to climb, windmill Towers Water, and Power stations to get up and running again. Side missions, pork or challenges military, create jobs Metro tunnels, random events.

There’s just a lot to do here. And while you are doing sort of the same thing for each of them, you know, most of the time we’re going to be doing some pork or puzzle or sneaking into an area, taking out enemies and flipping some switch since the core gameplay and combat itself is really fun. I didn’t have too many complaints about it. This technically could be an extension of the gameplay section, but I felt that it was such a major thing itself that I wanted to give it its own category here.

Tax, you could jump over zombies and then to establish hack like straight out of Assassins Creed or a ground pound attack. If you had a two-handed weapon and then obviously the usual light and heavy attacks diet to has all those same attacks returning. And then some, you can have a human enemies which makes the human body.

Human combat a lot more fun and tolerable you can lay the Perry then jump over that guide to kick another enemy, which is very satisfying. There’s a tackle attack where you basically grab onto an enemy and Tackle them over a ledge which can break your fall and kill the Enemy at the same time. And it looks really funny and co-op mode.


Probably one of the biggest differences between dilate one and Dying Light to are the changes to nighttime gameplay. I have about 100 hours in Dying Light one. And I would say that probably 5% of that time was spent playing during the night time, because it just felt like you didn’t really need to. There wasn’t a big incentive to go outside at night in the original game because everything you could do during the nighttime, be could also do during the daytime and the sequel.

Dying Light 2: Day/Night View

Patrolling over the place that made it feel much more like a horror game, but you now have a reason to venture out at night in the second game. There are certain activities that can only be done at night time, like the GRE anomalies, where you fight against the mini-boss called the Revenant for survival supplies. They’re also nighttime side quests around the world which have to be done at night time.

It’s also set with the lore of the game to wear during the day. Most of the infected will be inside making indoor exploration much harder. We’re at night, the It is true. So any activity that takes place in an interior will be much easier at night time. So things like Metro station is the GRE Labs, the dark Hollows and stores will all be easier at night to complete.

Trust me I tried to be one of those GRE Labs during the daytime, and there are multiple volatiles inside and I got my shit Rock, so definitely do that. But night and less you are super high gear. There is a new mechanic in this game called the immunity timer. You can’t let it reach 0 or else you’ll die and turn into a zombie. It decreases anytime you’re away from UV light.

Dying Light 2: Night view

So, at nighttime, it’s going. There are two specific skills for use the combat at the parkour and you earn XP by doing tasks involving either parkour or combat. The XP gain, rate does feel a bit slower than the original in your simply going around. Killing zombies to try to level up. It’s probably going to take you a while to do that.

There’s also a playwright that’s directly connected to those parkour and combat skill trees. So, When you level of those, you get bars, towards your main player rink and what your main player ranked does, is basically judges, what kind of gear the game is going to drop for you? As you start levelling up the game will adjust for you. It’ll put better weapons and gear at the vendors at all the weapons and gear that you find out, the world should be of your same rank or at least a majority of the time. That’s how it works.

The Story

Alright now, let’s discuss the story. Now. I am in the minority here. I actually enjoyed the story. Yes. All right to be dead. I said it. I enjoyed my time playing to the story because a lot of people hated the story for this game. Like I said, I’m not going to be discussing any narrative or key plot points in this video, but I will say that there are choices that you can make, throughout the story that impact and happens later down the line.

Dying Light 2: Story

That’s kind of like the key for. That was the kind of the key point with the marketing for this game. That each decision affects your outcome of the story that everyone can have different. Outcomes depending on the decisions and for some of them, it’s kind of true but it’s really not up to what they were. Hyping it up to me. But overall I thought the story had some really cool set-piece moments more so than the first game and I did like some of the characters more so than the first game.

Sure. It wasn’t a groundbreaking narrative or anything but die. Light was never really known for its story. So I’m happy that I enjoyed it more than the first games included with the whole story. Laura is the city alive and feature at the different electricity and water stations. You can assign them to either the peacekeepers or the survivors. Which are each of the factions in this game, peacekeepers focus more on the combat side of things where survivors are more for traversing the map.

Really this doesn’t have an impact on what happens to the story. But it is a gameplay element. That would make your playthrough ribbon different from someone else’s potentially at least the world with look different because the survivors of the peacekeepers, each happened, different style of architecture for the buildings. Dying Light to takes place across two different locations in the beginning, you are in Old Villa door and I would say this kind of reminds me of Old Town from Dying Light.

There are some tall buildings but not really skyscraper. One thing is for sure though. The game is beautiful. I played it on Arc excoriate ETI. So I was maxed out my entire playthrough and it’s nothing short of gorgeous perspective even without Ray tracing which is how I played it. It look amazing. The colors are very vibrant, which the opposite of the first games were dull and depressing color scheme. It almost reminds me.

Dying Light 2: GTA Series

The graphical difference between GTA4 or GTA5, GTA 4 hasn’t worked. Don’t the pressing toe into its colors and GTA 5 is much more fiber with the sunny weather. It overall just brighter colors. The landscape itself. Just look great too. You know, you have the areas that are doused in the chemicals with all the destruction around. It’s all very appealing to look at. It looks really good. And when you get to that second City, you really get that sense of scale seeing all the skyscrapers and all the things you can parkour on to climb up to the top of those skyscrapers.

The downtown area really takes the verticality slider, all the way up and you, Almost don’t want to go back to Old build or after being here for a while. It is insanely fun to just reverse of the skyscrapers. This might seem like a weird section to include. We’re talking about a game, but I don’t know. Matt something about the music in this game really just perfectly captures, whatever you’re doing in the world arriving at a safe house on top of the fastest, guys group.

You have that call me to to the background as you look out to the beautiful city, really captures that ironic feeling of isolation in a sense of Peace, in an area full of conflict and chaos.

Climbing to the top of a radio tower when you have that unsettling music playing. As you think about your next jump, hundreds of feet in the air. Pick you up in intensity as you get closer to the top, it almost giving Watchdogs one vibes.

It also uses music in a really deep way that I really haven’t seen many other games do in the middle of Parkour runs. The music will be in tune to your parkour stunts. Dirty Jobs. They will quiet down, and if you’re like a almost falling sound with picks up, right, as you land, and when you add your buildings, in the middle of pork or run, it will become muffled a bit. It’s a very creative way to utilize the views that can Infuse it into the gameplay.


Dying Light 2: Technical Issues

This review has been about 95% positive. But now I want to get into some of the issues that I had while playing the game and these were very minor things for the most part. So I sometimes had zombies just stand there after dying. Howlers would occasionally just stand there and I couldn’t kill them and they could screw me either, which was weird. I didn’t have anything game-breaking happens to be the during my play through, but that’s not to say that there aren’t issues because I do a lot of people have run into soft locks that, stop them from playing anything past, a certain point in the game. And that is really annoying.

I’ve been pissed off that happen to me the koala Could also use some work as fun as it is. I noticed a lot more bugs when playing with a friend if we had a zombie essentially a god mode that we couldn’t kill until we like Dash charge them. Whatever the Boost called Powers would sometimes appear during the day. He managed to get stuck after getting down one time. So he couldn’t be revived and he had to leave the game in order to fix it. None of what happened was really anything major though, but I’m just pulling it out to say that.

Yes, there are bugs and the game does have its fair share of issues. I have really disagree with people comparing this games a cyberpunk though. That isn’t horrible taste. It’s not even close to how bad stutter Punk was a And I don’t know how you can even compare it to that aside from Bugs, though. One thing that I did find annoying was the lack of key Bond options on PC. They have been approving this and I think they just released an update a few days ago adding even more Cubans.

So hopefully that comes out soon. But man that was one of the most annoying things. I’ve had to come across after playing this game for so long. But to give my final summary here at the end, the game is Really good. It’s a lot of fun. It does a lot of things better than the first I light while still keeping the same satisfying gameplay that the Earth will get had and that’s really all you can ask for the sequel. Improving on the core game while maintaining its roots. I expect it to be very well off after a few patches to sort out some of the bugs and other issues.

And since they are going to be developing content for this game for five years. It’s probably going to have a lot of good stuff coming down the pipeline. If you guys visit the end of this video, I want to thank you so much for watching. I really do appreciate it. And if you enjoyed this review, feel free to leave a like as well as share it with.

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