Chrono Cross The Radical Dreamers Edition Quick Review

So welcome to my review of Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers edition and Yes it’s not a dream Chrono Cross has been re-released as a remaster an upgrade to the original game and the original game came out in Japan in 1999 came out over here in North America in the year 2000.

I ran up I bought my copy immediately and I played a game that would be a cult classic game and a lot of people would argue was not as good as the original I beg to differ on that one and so, today I’m going to talk about all the changes and all the brand new things in this new edition of the game. Now, I remember at the Nintendo direct when they first showed this game.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers

I thought no, this can’t be chrono cross, they are not bringing this back, that’s impossible because it’s a game that I thought was lost in time, no pun intended and I was so happy to see that they were bringing it out but what were the changes gonna be I’m like okay are they changing the combat are they changing the graphics.

What’s gonna happen here they’ve changed a bunch of things and some things have not been changed that you thought were gonna get changed yeah we’ll get into it. So, let’s start off with the graphics here. What happened when I first turned this game on because I remembered the original very very well, we were presented with the opening cinematic of the original but I noticed I’m like, oh wait you know there’s a filter on it.

Chrono Cross The Radical Dreamers 1

It’s been upgraded a little bit but the text is all brand new and that looks really really nice not the pixelation of the original but quite literally the original cinematic is still the same they’ve just used a filter to upscale it a bit because I’m sure they were not going to go and redo the entire opening movie which I’ve loved so much, I’ve watched a thousand times so we get past that and then the game began.

I’m like here we go and the title sequence comes up and I’m like this really looks enhanced you know they got the brand new chrono cross on there they’ve upgraded the text there and then the background which was just under the ocean something I always enjoyed with the sea turtles going underneath and all that and the underwater life showing there.

I’ve always loved that with the bubbles of the water going up that took me back I was like Okay! I’m in good hands here, I think and so I went into it and then I would say this much I would say that this reminds me of the final fantasy 8 upconversion.


So, taking the original characters of the original gaming chrono cross and upgrading them to brand new 3D models and I’m going to show some examples of this I was blown away by this. This is a really brand new feature of this game and they did a really good job, it fits in with the world perfectly and fits in the backgrounds perfectly and we’ll get into the backgrounds in a little bit as well.

I will say this they’ve also with the character portraits, they’ve redone them. They’ve upgraded those as well, I’ll show an example of that right here and I think they did a really really good job of maintaining the look and originality of the original designs but upgrading it for this brand new remaster.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Characters

So, there’s also some graphic modes in here as well that you can change so, you can play with the original pixelated backgrounds and that’s the classic mode so, that’s all pixelated and it’s really pixelated on a 4k TV you’re like whoa, you know but you still have that option and I still really appreciate the original art or you can switch it to new and that is upscaling those backgrounds and they’ve used some filters on it.

I’m sure I do not know all the right terminologies they used on this, but it’s taking the original backgrounds and upscaling them a little bit and brightening them adding a little bit more saturation in there and this has a few unusual effects. Sometimes it looks stunning, some of the backgrounds are stunning and sometimes taking the original SD artwork and blowing it up.

It comes off as very very at certain times but mostly the upscaling they’ve done works incredibly well, I’m glad that we are taking such an old game from 22 years ago and upscaling it in any capacity and realistically for me the characters and especially in combat and things like that and running around the world look incredible in their brand new 3D conversions.

You can also change the screen type and this is very important, so you can have the original 4×3 that the game originally came out on and I was presented in or you can have full. So, you can just blow it up to be fully on the screen there and you can have the zoom in there as well.

Screen Size

So, you can change it I play by the 4×3 for most of the game I like it that way that’s the way I’ve always liked it and it’s nice because you can change the screen size and also change it from the pixelated artwork to the newly enhanced artwork in there as well the one thing I did notice and there may be another option that I missed and I am sure I didn’t miss it.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Screen Size

You can’t change the border of that when you change it so, if you change it to 4×3 you have this kind of bluish border. It doesn’t affect anything too much but it would be nice to also switch it to black another interesting brand new feature was a fast forward button you can do with the triggers so you can fast forward through the game.

She can make your character run extremely fast from one side of the map to the next or you can slow it down. I never really needed these things at all but it was a novelty to have so, they’re there as well.

So, some other things that have been added to the game you can turn off random battles and there also is an auto battle mode so we need to talk about the music here and the reason why is there is a lot of disinformation travelling around online about what soundtrack is gonna be in this game.

Original Music

There’s been reports that it’s an arranged soundtrack to replace all the original music and you don’t have access to the original music in the game, you can’t change it so people were freaking out about that including me I’m like what really.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Music

I am happy to report something here the music in this game that is set to default as soon as you start playing it, the music that plays is the original music it is newly remastered music but it is the original tracks right.

So, those wave files is higher bit rates of those that’s what that is okay the report of an arranged soundtrack has been circulating and it confused me as well I know this if you go into Playasia you can buy the vinyl soundtrack of a range music for this particular but I want to say there is no setting within the game to change it to change the original music to an arranged soundtrack.

It is just the original music and let me say that is music to my ears because I love the original music so much and I know so many of you do why change what’s not broken and so your original music is all there, so you can rest assured.

Parallel World Concept

So, what is this game about for any of you out there who’ve never played it you’re like what is this about should I play it? It is a sequel to Chrono trigger in the most interesting way and Chrono trigger basically dealt with time travel where this deals with parallel worlds, parallel universes and your main character is a normal guy in his world and then he goes to a parallel universe and I don’t even want to get into it.

You find out some different things happened with you in this parallel universe and you got to find out why and what happened and that’s where the story begins and the story has always been fascinating and I’ve always really enjoyed it the list of characters is amazing and I’ve always enjoyed them.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Parallel World

You can collect get this you can collect up to 45 additional characters to be in your party, but it will take you multiple playthroughs to get that I am just saying the option is there and you can start brand new game pluses and go through the game again and get all those characters at your leisure. It was a big thing to do back in the day and there’s a lot of different strange characters that’s for sure but there’s a lot of playtime in here if you want it.

Another fascinating thing in this game and it’s in the title chrono cross radical dreamers. Yes, radical dreamers is in this game and what is radical dreamers it was released in 1996 on the satella vue modem device for the super famicom you could download this game.

Basically what it is it’s a visual novel a chrono trigger side story but an interactive text adventure with combat so it’s kind of cool you can choose your own adventure style way through this game and it’s just an incredible thing.

I think it’s fascinating because it’s something that we never got in the chrono trigger chrono cross series we never got this over here. So, for them to translate it and to bring it over here I think is a worthy addition and to put it in with this game as one bundle I think true chrono trigger chrono cross fans are gonna adore this so, is this game worth getting put it this way I ordered my physical copy from Playasia.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Chrono Trigger

I have to have a physical copy I want to say I always enjoyed the original, I am a big RPG fan and I gotta say chrono cross when it was first released was a big deal it was a huge deal it really was I know a lot of fans are like wait a second this doesn’t look like chrono trigger and that’s what made it so cool it was doing its own thing.

Yes it has to do with chrono trigger but it feels like its own original game and especially with the character designs the world setting all of that it does have the parallel worlds that do seem like the time travel elements of the original chrono trigger.


This game works for me the soundtrack I am gonna say is in my top five video game soundtracks of all time and that’s the original music. I love it to death I’ve listened to it for the last 22 years, it’s beautiful music it’s relaxing but I want to say that I love the visual enhancements in this game taking that original game and enhancing it the way.

They’ve done it with this one I’m very impressed I don’t know what more they could have done with such an old game now and especially having those old game assets and trying to upscale them and make them look good on modern TVs for now you know for a game that’s 22 years later I applaud the effort and I’m happy to see chrono cross make a return.

I hope an entire brand new generation of RPG fans can experience it because it really is something magical and it’s a game as soon as I got the copy I’m like oh my god I was very giddy to play it I was like so happy to revisit a game that I treasured so much from so long ago and I can treasure again today.

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