The 10 Best Board Game Apps for the iPad

In this article, we will learn about the Best Board Game Apps for the iPad as games are likely to be one of the most universally shared pastimes throughout civilizations. We utilised rocks, sticks, and balls in ancient times; in modern times, we use iPads.

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad

Your iPad won’t live for another 5,000 years, but if you combine it with Apple’s App Store, you can play digital versions of decades-old tabletop games. That’s a lot more gaming than the Sumerians could possibly imagine. However, having so many options may leave you paralysed by indecision.

To avoid this, we’ve put the most popular tabletop games that have been digitised for the iPad to the test, and we’ve compiled a list of them for you to check out.

Why Play Tabletop Games on an iPad?

Playing digital board games has a number of advantages, the most obvious of which being the cost. Because iPad board games don’t have actual components and aren’t transported to stores, they’re usually less expensive than their analogue counterparts. The retail version of Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep, for example, costs $49.99, while the digital version costs $6.99. You also don’t have to worry about missing parts.

It can be time-consuming to replace cards, dice, and tokens, especially if they are game-specific. Then there’s keeping track of the various players’ stats or points; with a tablet, the computer will keep track of everything for you. Furthermore, iPad board games frequently include internet play, which is quite useful in the COVID-19 age.

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad

Unfortunately, iPad board games are susceptible to the same flaws as other applications and may suffer mechanically as a result of the transition to digital (Carcassonne and some other classics met this fate). However, we’ve chosen iPad board games that are fun to play even if they aren’t well-known. Download them, get your friends and family together, and have a good time.

Aeon’s End

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: Aeon's End

Aeon’s End is a deck-building game that fights 1-4 people against an evil power. It has an amazing display and deep gameplay mechanics. What is the mission? Collaborate to keep each other safe and defeat the enemy. To defeat the demonic Rageborne and other big animals, you must carefully link attacks and abilities.

In comparison to other, comparable games, turn order and understanding what’s coming next in the deck play a bigger importance here.

D&D Lords of Waterdeep

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: D&D Lords of Waterdeep

Despite the fact that the word D&D conjures up images of character sheets and tokens, this version of Gary Gygax’s original work is a management game. Instead of developing your persona, you work in the shadows to assist administer the city of Waterdeep.

You’ll assume the position of a masked lord, one of the city’s hidden rulers, and send employees to the castle or harbour in order to keep the city running no matter what problems the inhabitants face. Local multiplayer and online, cross-platform play are available in Lords of Waterdeep.


Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: Evolution

One of the most thrilling and replayable tabletop games of the last decade is survival in the natural environment. Evolution requires you to accumulate qualities so that your animals can evolve to fit the environment or avoid predators in order to adapt to a changing habitat.

Sharp environmental and card graphics, as well as internet play, are all part of the iPad shift.

Galaxy Trucker

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: Galaxy Trucker

It’s not simple driving across space. You’ll need a lot of assistance with space rocks, pirates, and debt. You must collect tiles that represent different vehicle pieces (engines for speed, guns for protection) and insert them into your interplanetary truck in Galaxy Trucker.

Players in the physical version must scramble over a table’s surface to collect the best component ties; in the digital version, you may do it by hurriedly touching and dragging parts to install on your system. You may also play in a turn-based style, which is a little more forgiving to folks with slow reactions. Local and internet play are available in the kid-friendly Galaxy Trucker.

Race for the Galaxy

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy is a robust strategy game in which you are tasked with discovering and colonising new worlds. You may either hunt the galaxy for resource-rich planets or use the ones you already have to boost production and earn points. You may also use an intergalactic navy to annihilate your opponents and reap the benefits of their investment.

All of this happens at a fast speed, with games seldom lasting more than 20 minutes. Unfortunately, you’ll need to play a lot of Race for the Galaxy to acquire a good notion of what you should do, and there’s no local multiplayer activity (although it supports cross-platform, online play).

Raiders of the North Seas

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: Raiders of the North Seas

Raiders of the North Seas is a Viking themed game in which you must manage a ship, raid new countries, impress the Chieftain, and collect the required Victory Points to win. But, like Lords of Waterdeep, it’s really a worker-placement game.

The game strikes a delicate balance between preparing for an adventure and receiving the benefits of foresight and risk. Local and online multiplayer strategies are available on the iOS version.

Spirit Island

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: Spirit Island

Spirit Island is a game about colony management and exploration that flips the script. You play as the protector spirits of an island, guiding and defending the land’s original inhabitants, the mythical Dahan, from devastating European invaders. Colonists can be wiped out by flash floods or fires, and their settlements can be worn away by corrosive winds.

Another player can control an elemental force to help safeguard the island in the online multiplayer beta.

Terraforming Mars

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: Terraforming Mars

Corporations compete to seize control of Mars, terraform it, and transfer flocks of immigrants from Earth in this colony-management game. To adjust the planet, enhance oxygen, and develop new life, play alone or with up to four additional people. At the same time, competitors will be able to invest resources to stymie or obstruct your progress.

Working together to make Mars livable while also attempting to damage competitor facilities is the key to success. Terraforming Mars is a multiplayer game that may be played both locally and online.

Ticket to Ride

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: Ticket to Ride

Your aim in the classic Ticket to Ride is to snake your train line across the country. Setting up your route requires some planning, and there are some unique risk-reward mechanisms, but it’s the simplest of the games on our list and that’s a selling feature.

Ticket to Ride is one of the most popular games today, and the iPad version is a practical, portable, and reasonably priced method to start your own railway company. You may play alone or compete against other industrial giants in online play.

Through the Ages

Best Board Game Apps for the iPad: Through the Ages

Through the Ages is a fantastic iPad adaptation of the legendary tabletop strategy game. It’s well-adapted, and you can play it alone or with internet pals virtually indefinitely. You’ll begin as a little tribe fighting for survival. You’ll make your imprint on history by erecting monuments, assembling armies, and cultivating your civilization as you persevere.

While it basically embodies contemporary and Western conceptions of what makes for a rich society, there isn’t a greater digital representation of our history.

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